Hi all;this time I’ll cover starting seeds indoors. Starting your own seeds can be a rewarding. If a plant has a longer growing season,it is a good idea to start them indoors.If you want to get a early start on even your short season crops,you can start them inside. Starting seeds inside can be a challenge because a proper environment is needed to get you seedlings off to a good start. Before starting your seeds,its a good idea to read up on what your plants require.  Some seeds are resistant to certain diseases. There are others that are more suited for your area. Its best to ask  a local grower or others that have experience in gardening. Again cooperative extension can advise you as to what works in your area too.There are four basic things seeds need; is really what we all need. One is the proper growing medium. Next proper lighting. The next is moisture note I didn’t say water because to much water can doom your seeds and seedling wont develop. Light: Plants need on average  12 hours of light or more. Once you get your seeds,you will need some where to put them.What container you use depends on your approach. There are items you already have around such milk cartons,some plastic containers food products come in or if you prefer you can buy some ready made trays to plant your seeds in. When it comes to keeping your seeds warm to germinate, a heat mat that is designed to place under your seed containers to keep the soil at to optimum temperature is helpful. You have your planting container.Then your planting medium,usually if you purchase a  seed starting material that is just for starting your seeds, you’ll assure yourself that your seeds will have what they need to sprout. You need a cover for your planted seeds to retain heat and moisture. You then just monitor then seeds until they sprout.When most of the seeds have sprouted then remove the top and and make sure to provide them with plenty of light. Now the task is to give your new seedlings plenty of light and moisture. Depending on the  set up,  fluorescent  lights about three inches from your seedlings will help. It is said that natural light provides much more light than artificial light,however you will have success with your lighting using artificial light. There are many ways to start your seeds.I hope this shed some light on one way you can start seeds. Explore your options and you decide what works best for you. Thanks for stopping by. Please leaves comments if you’d like.