Last time we talked about turning the soil by hand.In this session we’ll touch on a couple of different ways of getting your garden ready to plant. When I was growing up on our farm,after the threat of frost had passed and the ground was warming up,we would start getting equipment ready to till the ground to plant crops. Some fields we would till in the fall if possible.The thought behind that was  the soil would be more mellow in the spring. This same approach can be applied to your home garden. two ways I’ll be covering is plowing you garden or using a rototiller. There are pros and cons to each. A tiller can be a all in one tool meaning you don’t have to have several different to get you garden ready. The tiller, there is the front tilling tiller or the rear till tiller. There are the type you walk behind or the type you attach to a tractor. Well what you use may depend on the size of your garden. Then it may also depend how much you want to invest in your garden project. When we tilled the land on our farm,first we plowed our land.You want to make sure the furrows  rolled over ,so just like digging by hand so the top of you soil get mixed in with the fresh soil you just plowed. You can do the same for your small garden. You can hire someone to plow your garden for you or you can purchase your own equipment. Same rule of thumb,make sure you plow to  at least 8 inches. Unlike with plowing, Tilling is a all in one thing.Meaning you don’t have to use any other equipment to get you gardening ready for planting.Tilling your garden can be fun if you follow a few techniques. One is never till when soil is to wet. Never till to much. That is just enough to work you soil to 8 inches or more deep and have mellow soil when you are done. Usually you want to till in more than one direction.That is lengthwise one time then maybe crossways the next. Your final pass should be in the direction you want to plant your garden. This pass should be only the top 6 inches of your soil.Well I hope this gives you some ideas,about preparing your soil.There are lots of books and even garden clubs that have more ideas to make sure your garden is a success.Happy gardening everyone. Thanks for checking out my blog.