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Month: June 2015

Some tips on starting a small farm project

So maybe you’ve thought about how nice it would be to have a few chickens in your back yard.You say where do I start? If you’re new in the chicken business,then a little research will go long way in putting yourself at ease having chickens in your back yard.Things like housing,food,and care . Is this going to be your project or a family thing? Its a good way for Mom and Dad as well as the kids to do something as a family project. Chickens can be housed in a small area,such a back area of a garage. They have small already made hen houses you can purchase from your local farm supply store. Maybe you would like to build your own . Next time I’ll give you some tips and ideas you might want to try on building you own chicken coop. Take care and thanks for checking my site out.


Chicken house 14 009

First Day

Hello:My name is Tom and my blog is about farming. Its not just about the big farms,but the little back yard farms where land owners have a little land they want to raise some home grown things.Anything from Chickens for eggs,to cows that milk. Animals not your thing?How about gardening.I’ll be looking at all these things and hopefully you will get some ideas that might encourage you to give it a try. I hope you will check in often to see what the topic of the day is. Thanks for stopping by.    Tom

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